Whitehaven International Festival

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Image courtesy of Maurice Whelan


This is where you will find the latest on what’s happening in the town regarding events and the festival plus a few other interesting tales and stories.

Wristbands on sale

Published on 23/05/2010
Wristbands on sale now guys,, please please support the event.
Prices are £2 per day if you buy sat and sun or £3 for a single day. The Sugar tongue is also closed off on Friday evening but it's the best place to watch the big...

N-Dubz live gig

Published on 20/05/2010
Yes, it's really true, N-Dubz who are arguably the hottest musical act around at present are playing an early evening gig on Sunday 27t June for the Whitehaven Festival.
The Gig is in honour of PC Bill Barker who was a good friend...

Status Quo to Rock the Dock

Published on 29/07/2009
We can't quite believe it either - the legendary Rockers are coming back to Whitehaven on Saturday the 26th June 2010 to play on the Unsigned Stage at the Festival.
The gig will be on the same giant orbital stage we used...